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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

first picture of op3...

First of all, WE ARE NOT GOING TO FIND OUT THE GENDER OF OP3 UNTIL BIRTH. So, if you see what we don't, please don't tell us. Sorry to leave you all guessing or having to keep a secret. Sometimes, we just like to keep things exciting...

Please keep our family in your prayers.
God bless you all,
the O peeps

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can you hide anything from GOD?!

Last week, JP got some candy for dessert after lunch. He wanted to keep the rest for the next day and he asked me, "Where can I hide this where God can't see it?" I was shocked at first, and told him that he could not hide anything from God because God can see everything. I then asked him why he wanted to hide the candy. JP's response, "Because He might eat it all!"
What is the moral to the story?
A. Eat all your candy quickly.
B. Kids say the darndest things.
C. You can't hide ANYTHING from GOD!
D. All of the above.

Here's another thing that we can't hide from GOD:

Gracie's cuteness and Gen's new/old hair color.