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Friday, June 19, 2009

New Addition to the Walton Family!

Today the Walton Family took home their new baby girl! They were blessed to adopt 6 week old Elisabeth Marie. The paperwork will take about 6 months to finalize, but they are confident that all will go smoothly. Because the adoption took place in San Diego, they were able to stop by for a little while to show us their beautiful new baby before they headed home. Please keep them in your prayers as they take on a newborn and a new adventure of having a girl!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pictures of Jet

Jet turned 100 days lat week so we took some pictures of him in JP's gymbay.

Don't ask me where I got it (from my sister's closet)... It's actually a helmet for the boys' heads so that they will be ready to do battle witht their older siblings! Helps against accidental sitting on the head and hits and bumps throughout the day!

My sleepy bear...

Go Lakers!

Niel's 28th Birthday!

My hubby had his birthday on June 3rd so we celebrated by going out to his favorite Asian buffet with my sister and her family. The waitresses sang "Happy Birthday" to him and even brought out a cute little cake. My favorite part of the cake were the grapes shaped like bunnies.

Dinner with old friends

We were truly blessed to have some friends over for dinner. The Ruiz family, Pastor Rick, and the Mizes were able to stop by and hang out with us a few weeks ago. It was so awesome to talk with them about missions and catch up on their lives. We were really encouraged by them and went want them to know that we are very grateful for their insight, wisdom, and most of all friendship! We love you guys, thanks for chilin' with us!