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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Popeye, is he really healthy?

We have told our kids about Popeye the Sailor man who gets his strength from eating spinach. They have actually never seen any Popeye cartoons, but one day this funny story happened. So JP wore this shirt and after a brief examination he asked me, "Mom, if Popeye is so healthy eating spinach, then why does he smoke? Isn't smoking bad for you?" It never really donned on me that Popeye had a pipe. I had no idea how to answer him, so I told him he was right! It's neat how he saw it and I didn't even realize it myself.

Lazy Dayz at the Beach

Since my husband has was off on Friday, we decided to go to the beach for our family day. Plus it has been so so hot here we all needed a relief from the heat! We bought some snacks to eat and we enjoyed the nice cool beach weather. It was Jet's first time at the beach too. You can see he had lots of fun looking and drooling around!

Visit with Grandma Remy

We are blessed and fortunate to still have Grandma Remy alive and healthy. She is just one of the kids great grandparents. We met with Grandma, aunty Rose, and Rochelle at a Filipino restaurant. It was yummy! We got to visit with them a few weeks ago. Thanks for taking us there guys! You guys need to come out to the valley and hang out with us sometime.

4th of July

We went to my father-in-laws for the 4th of July. We were able to help them paint their house which the kids really enjoyed. I think they got more paint on the sidewalk then they did the house! It was also Dad and Tracey's wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to you both! May the Lord give you many more wonderful and blessed years together!
JP and Dad hard at work!
My star spangled baby turned 4 months too!

Watching the fireworks (or as Gracie put it the "fireplace!") at Dad's house.

Nat and Jet