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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

first picture of op3...

First of all, WE ARE NOT GOING TO FIND OUT THE GENDER OF OP3 UNTIL BIRTH. So, if you see what we don't, please don't tell us. Sorry to leave you all guessing or having to keep a secret. Sometimes, we just like to keep things exciting...

Please keep our family in your prayers.
God bless you all,
the O peeps


Brent, Cathy, and Aaron said...

I think I see something... Jk! Isn't to early to tell? I find get my ultrasound next week, and I can't wait to tell the world! ;-) I'm just way too impatient... Anyway I'm glad that Vanessa is doing well... hopefully the morning sickness is gone. ;-) Love you guys! See ya soon!

Morales Family said...

Hey I didn't know you are pregnant!! What's up with that?? Just kidding. I am so glad that you started a blog. I miss you Vaness.

Fredriksen Family said...

Hey girl,
congratualtions!! I didn't know you were pregnant! The kids are so big and so adorable!!! So glad you have a blog now!! Miss you guys!
Vanessa Fredriksen

Damian said...

Unless unidentfied objects grow from the head, I don't think anything is visible, congrats.