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Saturday, November 8, 2008

JP's B-day and Daddy's Surprises

Two weeks ago we celebrated JP's fourth b-day. To our dismay we found out that we didn't have enough b-day candles. We just had two singles and two number two candles, so we got a little creative. It worked out pretty well. It turned out we had enough candles after all, and with JP being older, he also got a little math lesson.
2 + 2 = 4
That same day, JP wasn't the only one who got a surprise, but daddy got two surprises; a J-O-B and a little car trouble. Niel got the job just in time too, because after he accepted the job, he jumped into his car and it didn't start! He ended up staying in the parking lot for the AAA guys. A little embarassing, but it's times like these you know God is there... God provided us a great family, a car [that can be fixed], and a job [to get the car fixed]. Thank all for your prayers and support!

God is good.


Brent, Cathy, and Aaron said...

Happy Birthday JP! Sorry we missed your party! Hope you had a great time! Your cake looks awesome!

Aaron and his parents...

Nico and Fam said...

sorry, meant to reply sooner. Congrats again on the job Niel, hope u like it. Also, too cute birthday cake for JP. Fun n yummy looking! I was determined to do one for nico's b-day. 1st attempt: Superman cake = utter failure; 2nd attempt: chantilly = hubby n I gobbled it up; 3rd attempt: pumpkin icecream cake = so-so but at least we shared it w/others, haha! :o). Enjoy thanksgiving!