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Friday, February 13, 2009

37 weeks and My Birthday!

On Monday was 37 weeks of my pregnancy and also the 6th year anniversarry of my 23rd birthday! My sweet husband made me breakfast in bed. The kids saw it and ate about 1/4 of it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Gen made me a marble cake (my favorite) from scratch. Then Niel took me out to dinner that night. God is good, I had a great birthday!


Morales Family said...

Happy Birthday Vaness. Miss you lots.

Damian said...

okay...girlfriend...love the belly...wish I was there....and wait...did you say 23rd birthday...so hopefully you didnt get hit by a lightning....it isnt true that your 3years younger than me...so betta tell the truth that your 2years older than me....

your young friend

hope you had an awesome birthday...and
love you guys and miss you guys dearly

Nico and Fam said...

awww, I have belly envy... pregos w/ baby #3 AND no stretch marks...*sigh* some gals get all the luck! ;o) Hopes alls well w/ the pregnancy. Nate & I have a bet going on for when the baby will be born... ahem, ahem, sooo feelin any sort of labor pains yet?... haha, jus kidding, please take care and get lots of rest... really wish we were there :o(