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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

39 weeks!

Here I still am... As of Monday, I am 39 weeks! I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far. Last week Thursday, the doctor said I was dialated 2 cm, but nothing's happening. I still feel good and have lots of energy! Getting huge too! Who knows might be tonight or this baby may be a March baby!
My guess was the 18th of Feb, which came and went. Gen said on Gracie's b-day, Val's guess was this past weekend, Papa Joe says this Thursday. Hubby thinks the baby will come next week on the 4th. Leave a comment and tell us what day you think the baby will come and even the gender of the baby :)


Nico and Fam said...

Nate & I have a bet, I said Feb. 25th & he said March 1st. Nate wants me to ask you to leave "him" in till March so he can win the bet. As far as religious boys names goes... how about Jacob, Gabriel, Ezekiel, or Daniel? Girls names... um... Sara, Christabelle, Krista, idk Wisdom? Glad u r feeling great Vaness! =)

Morales Family said...

Too bad you can't wait until the 29th of March. That is a great day! ;) You look so beautiful. Miss you.

The Walton's said...

I hope, for your sake, I'm wrong, but my guess is the 6th of March and boy. You look to me to be carrying a little different than you did with Gracie. You look beautiful! I'm so glad you still have energy. I pray baby #3 is an easy baby for you! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Matt and Jess Andersen said...

Did the baby come yet? You're so cute, Vaness!